jk4tech_1ENG_Kdo jsme We are a Czech company providing services to manufacturing companies or main contractors.

jk4tech_2ENG_Jaký máme cílGet as many as possible partners on the basis of mutual trust.


jk4tech_3ENG_Jak pracujeme  Independently or in a team, reliably, accurately, professionally … but most importantly: we must work together to have good feeling.

jk4tech_4ENG_Proč pracujemeBecause we enjoy it and both sides are winners (Principle Winner / Winner)

jk4tech_5ENG_S kým spolupracujeme 
With all we can trust. And who want to work with us.


jk4tech_6ENG_Co je náš cíl We’re working for your sleeping peacefully and let us worry about technology.